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Virginia Field

London-born actress, daughter of the King's Counsel, St. John Field, educated in Paris and Vienna. Her mother, a cousin of famous Confederate General Robert E. Lee, chose the name "Virginia" as homage to Lee's beloved home state. 

Virginia also had an actress aunt, Auriol Lee, who paved the way for her debut on the stage. She first appeared in "This Side Idolatry" in 1933 (with Leslie Howard). She was later signed by 20th Century Fox (actually by standing in at a screen test as a favour to another actress), but was quickly typecast as the "other woman" or as perfunctory second fiddle to "Charlie Chan" and "Mr. Moto". 

She had greater success on Broadway, where she starred in the screwball comedy "The Doughgirls" (1942) at the Lyceum Theatre, and the Moss Hart farce "Light Up the Sky" (1948), with Sam LeveneBarry Nelson and Glenn Anders.
Mother was a cousin of Robert E. Lee.
Mother, with Paul Douglas, of daughter Margaret Field Douglas (born in 1945).
Niece of Auriol Lee.
Columnist Walter Winchell dubbed her "the most beautiful blonde in the world".
Her father was a prominent English judge.
Her acting training took place on the European continent. Max Reinhardt, whom she met in Vienna, presented her in his production of "All's Well That Ends Well". She was about to be presented to Broadway audiences when she was offered a Twentieth Century-Fox film contract.
Although Virginia certainly had the talent to become a top film star, it is believed that her actions and candid opinions about others stars did her in. When David O. Selznick made a pass at her, she clubbed him over the head with a decanter. Disparaging remarks about actress Loretta Young ("phony" and "two-faced") and Betty Hutton ("moody") hurt her reputation.
Her marriage to Paul Douglas broke up when he found out she was having an affair with actor/director Dick Powell. She and Douglas had one daughter, Margaret, who worked as an actress in England.
Her father was the judge of Leicester County Court Circuit. Her mother was a cousin of U.S. Confederate leader Robert E. Lee and her aunt was British stage actress and director Auriol Lee.
During the long-running "Perry Mason" series between 1957 and 1966, Margaret made six guest appearances. She played the murderer in both the 1960 episode, "The Case of the Provocative Protege" and the 1962 episode, "The Case of the Polka Dot Pony".
Her marriage to composer Howard Grode lasted only three months before they separated. In 1951, she married actor Willard Parker and the marriage lasted until her death in 1992. Parker later became a successful real estate dealer in Indian Wells, near Palm Springs, California. Virginia owned and operated a boutique near his office.
Actress (72 credits)
 1975Adam-12 (TV Series)
Helen Newton
Something Worth Dying For: Part 2 (1975) ... Helen Newton
 1967The Felony Squad (TV Series)
Alma Jason
The Desperate Silence (1967) ... Alma Jason
 1966T.H.E. Cat (TV Series)
Felicia Winslow
Curtains for Miss Winslow (1966) ... Felicia Winslow
 1966Iron Horse (TV Series)
No Wedding Bells for Tony (1966) ... Madge
 1958-1966Perry Mason (TV Series)
Madame Sonya Galinova / Ramona Carver / Angela Renshaw Fernaldi / ...
The Case of the Tsarina's Tiara (1966) ... Madame Sonya Galinova
The Case of the Simple Simon (1964) ... Ramona Carver
The Case of the Polka Dot Pony (1962) ... Angela Renshaw Fernaldi
The Case of the Meddling Medium (1961) ... Sylvia Walker
The Case of the Provocative Protege (1960) ... Anita Carpenter
 1962Adventures in Paradise (TV Series)
Policeman's Holiday (1962) ... Cecile
 1961The New Breed (TV Series)
I Remember Murder (1961) ... Iris
 1961Tales of Wells Fargo (TV Series)
Kelly Green
Kelly's Clover Girls (1961) ... Kelly Green
 1961The Explosive Generation
Mrs. Katie Sommers
 1961The Rebel (TV Series)
Lotta Langley
The Actress (1961) ... Lotta Langley
 1960The Comedy Spot (TV Series)
Josephine 'The Brain' Dunning
Meet the Girls (1960) ... Josephine 'The Brain' Dunning
 1960Johnny Midnight (TV Series)
Beyond Infamy (1960) ... Nellie
 1959Alcoa Theatre (TV Series)
Jo Dunning
Girls About Town (1959) ... Jo Dunning
 1959The Millionaire (TV Series)
Claire Franklin
Millionaire Bill Franklin (1959) ... Claire Franklin
 1959Man with a Camera (TV Series)
Sara Castle
The Last Portrait (1959) ... Sara Castle
 1957Rockabilly Baby
Eleanor Carter aka Dixie West
 1957Appointment with a Shadow
Florence Knapp
 1952-1956Schlitz Playhouse (TV Series)
Mrs. Tubble
Mr. And Mrs. Trubble or The Tubbles (1952) ... Mrs. Tubble
 1956Four Star Playhouse (TV Series)
The Stand-In (1956) ... Marion
 1956Screen Directors Playhouse (TV Series)
Nurse Esther Delcotte
White Corridors (1956) ... Nurse Esther Delcotte
 1956The 20th Century-Fox Hour (TV Series)
The Empty Room (1956) ... Venetia
 1952-1956The Ford Television Theatre (TV Series)
Dorothy Rossiter / Sally Blake / Ethel Baxter / ...
Autumn Fever (1956) ... Dorothy Rossiter
A Kiss for Santa (1955) ... Sally Blake
The Mumbys (1955) ... Ethel Baxter
Slide, Darling, Slide (1954) ... Alexandra Wrenn
Kiss and Forget (1953)
 1956Chevron Hall of Stars (TV Series)
Happy New Year (1956)
 1955Damon Runyon Theater (TV Series)
A Star Lights Up (1955)
 1955The Whistler (TV Series)
Lydia Larkin / Marie
The First Year (1955) ... Lydia Larkin
Stranger in the House (1955) ... Marie
 1954-1955Fireside Theatre (TV Series)
No Time for Susan (1955)
Second Elopement (1954)
 1955General Electric Theater (TV Series)
The Bachelor's Bride (1955) ... Alice
 1953The Revlon Mirror Theater (TV Series)
Award Performance (1953)
 1953The Veils of Bagdad
 1953Hollywood Opening Night (TV Series)
False Witness (1953)
 1952Crime Photographer (TV Series)
Blackmail (1952)
 1951Week-End with Father
Phyllis Reynolds
 1951The Lady Pays Off
Kay Stoddard
 1950Dial 1119
 1949John Loves Mary
Lilly Herbish
 1948Dream Girl
Miriam Allerton Lucas
 1947Christmas Eve
 1947Variety Girl
Variety Girl
 1947Repeat Performance
Paula Costello
 1947The Imperfect Lady
Rose Bridges
 1947The Perfect Marriage
 1947Ladies' Man
Gladys Hayden
 1943Stage Door Canteen
Virginia Field
 1943The Crystal Ball
Jo Ainsley
 1941Singapore Woman
Claire Weston
Gloria Van Ness
 1940Dance, Girl, Dance
Elinor Harris
 1939The Cisco Kid and the Lady
Billie Graham
 1939Eternally Yours
Lola De Vere
 1939Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation
Eleanore Kirke
 1939The Sun Never Sets
 1939Bridal Suite
Abbie Bragdon
 1939Captain Fury
 1937Lancer Spy
Joan Bruce
 1937London by Night
 1936Career Woman
Fifi Brown
 1936Lloyd's of London
 1936Ladies in Love
Countess Helena
 1936Sing, Baby, Sing
Farraday's Nurse (uncredited)
 1936Little Lord Fauntleroy
Miss Herbert
 1934The Primrose Path
Ianthe Dorland

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