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Joy Kim

Only credited with two movies, Ms. Joy Kim just disappeared from the movie industry and did no other work in Hollywood.  There are no known bios, other pictures and/or other works of art for this very talented actress.

The film was written by Albert Sidney Fleischman from his novel, directed by William Wellman and was produced by Wayne's Batjac Productions. Location filming took place in and near China Camp, a shrimp fishing village in the San Francisco Bay.

Filming Locations —

Colusa, Colusa County: Tuttles Pond. Sacramento River.

San Rafael, Marin County: China Camp State Park.

Stockton, San Joaquin County: When John Wayne returned to the Stockton Hotel after a long day of filming on the Delta, he would still sign autographs for the 100-400 kids waiting for him. He also made the Virginia S, an 86-foot Geodetic Survey boat owned by Tom Case, his headquarters while in Stockton.

Filming Locations
Belvedere Island, California, USA
Colusa County, California, USA
San Francisco, California, USA
San Rafael, California, USA
Stockton, California, USA

Robert Mitchum was originally cast as Capt. Wilder. He was fired from the film after an altercation in which he shoved the film's transportation manager into San Francisco Bay. Gregory Peck subsequently turned down the role of Capt. Wilder, and Humphrey Bogart wanted a $500,000 salary, which would have put the film over budget. Without a major male star involved, Warner Bros. contacted producer John Wayne, threatening to pull out of their distribution deal for the film unless he took the role himself. To keep his new production company Batjac afloat, Wayne agreed to play Capt. Wilder.

Average Shot Length = ~6.2 seconds. Median Shot Length = ~5.6 seconds. Both of these figures are fast for an early CinemaScope film, and much faster than William A. Wellman's first CinemaScope film, The High and the Mighty (1954).

John Wayne appeared in an episode of "I Love Lucy" (1951) to promote this film.

There was some surprise when Lauren Bacall agreed to make the movie since she was a left-wing Democrat and the film was right-wing propaganda.
 1954The High and the Mighty
Dorothy Chen

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