Thursday, May 21, 2015

Uwe Gronau

CD Review – Flight 14, by Uwe Gronau

Uwe Gronau's musical flights of fancy are always worth the price of the boarding pass, and compared to actual airfare tickets, this is a real bargain.
Kick back, relax, and let the German composer's keyboard and synthesizer textures and rhythms take you away from the world of the mundane on a journey of soft sounds and progressive tunes.
As he does on all of his albums, Gronau manages all by himself to replicate a variety of performance contexts, from solo piano to duets to a full band sound, sometimes with vocals. Sax appeal is provided by Matthias Keidel on one track.
Uwe Gronau is one of those names that you know you're in for a musical treat like no other.
--Raj Manoharan
Despite all the problems in the world today, versatile German composer and keyboardist Uwe Gronau says, “I think humans are smart enough to create a good society for future generations, and one of the keys is the utilization of music.” The theme of pondering the future helped inspire the music on Gronau’s latest album, Thoughts of Tomorrow. Gronau strongly believes that art, and specifically music, is a tie that binds together every human from all countries and cultures. “There are special things in life that can only be described by music and art. If you try to open the secrets simply with words, it is impossible, and the secret will not exist anymore. Not even the military or police could calm down the restlessness of people who have a presentiment or foreboding of life without secrets and wonder. Art is an absolute necessity for humans to live a good life on this planet.” Uwe Gronau (pronounced ooo-vuh grow-now) is a master of many musical styles with numerous eclectic recordings. His musical enthusiasm and boundless creativity cannot be contained. Primarily a keyboardist, on some tunes he plays solo piano, on others synthesizer or organ, and often he mixes together several keyboards, at times with bass, percussion, drums or other sounds. His music ranges from new age to space, from jazzy to progressive-rock, from ambient or avant-garde to extremely melodic with pop sensibilities. He only performs and records original music. Thoughts of Tomorrow was produced by Gronau with his longtime musical associate Clemens Paskert. Gronau has numerous previous CDs (some primarily available in Europe). Several are mostly instrumental music -- Midsummer, Seven Paintings, Sonnentempel, Nightwalker and Intuition. Others feature Uwe singing on many selections -- Children, The Beauty of the Sea, Someday, Ciel, Time is a Sound, Full Moon Forest and Time Rider. His latest albums -- Midsummer, Time Rider, Visions and Flight 14 -- have been marketed internationally and all have climbed into the Top 5 on the monthly international Zone Music Reporter Top 100 airplay chart. Instagram ©2015 MusicSUBMIT LLC. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sentinel - Point Of Light - New CD

We are very excited to announce the release of our new album, "Points of Light" coming out June 2nd! 

This summer marks a little over a year in the studio writing, recording, and finalizing our favorite ten songs from so many great ideas and sessions. This album has truly become a labor of all our efforts and spirits, and we are confident in saying this is our finest work to date. 

The gorgeous album art was designed by our drummer Billy, and was printed on Earth friendly packaging. The album will be available to purchase directly from our distributor, CDBaby on June 2nd.

A digital pre-sale of our album includes a free advanced single, just released today only through Bandcamp!


Buy CD in Earth friendly CD wallet (release date: 6/2/2015)

Wonder Reeling
The Good Life
Counting Stars
Gravital Animal
Shiloh Sky
Voices Say
Smoke & Mirrors


Points of Light album was recorded in Oakland, California in our home studio from spring of 2014-15. We painstakingly picked 10 songs for this album, out of a collection of 30 song ideas. Dennis Bestafka played on the guitars, Billy Mowery on the drums, and Tarabud was on vocals and the bass. Dennis, being an audio engineer, was able to track and mix all songs on Pro Tools. All instruments were live tracked. Final mastering of album done by The SoundLAB. Album art design was created by Billy. Poem inside album panel, written by Tarabud.

The album title means a lot to us, and is focused on constellations in the stars as a form of connectedness to the universe. Like stars in these constellations, we are all individuals tied together by fate, love, struggle and loss to shape our stories, like shapes in the night sky. As our intentions and actions either pull or push us in one direction or the other, still we become who we reach to become, through our own will guided by stars, the ethereal, the spiritual.

Conceptual lyric themes running deep within this album include: destinies written in the stars, recognition of California Native Americans, lost romances & lifestyles, innocence lost, rebirth from lost love, overcoming and dealing with self-esteem, human potentials, human interconnectedness, nature and divinity.


releases 02 June 2015