Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Millions Spent Brainwashing Americans Into Supporting Trump

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Fox News used targeted ads brainwashing vulnerable people before the 2016 Election. They are preparing to do it again. 

Thom Hartmann exposes how millions of dollars were spent brainwashing America, and helping to elect Donald Trump. Watch The Video!
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Within hours of Donald Trump pulling troops, Turkey attacks Kurdish targets in northern Syria, exactly what many feared would happen.

In this clip, David Pakman talks about the "real world consequences" of Trump's actions. Watch the Video
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Vice President Mike Pence becomes increasingly sucked into the Ukraine fiasco. Is Donald Trump throwing Pence under the bus? Trump said Pence "had a couple of conversations (with Ukraine) also."

David Pakman talks about Trump's possible motives for bringing up Pence Watch the Video
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Thursday, October 10, 2019

[ Việt Mix ] - ( Full Bản) Cô Thắm Không Về & (HAPPY BIRT... By Thành Lực ( Chính Chủ )

New show by Thành Lực ( Chính Chủ )

[ Việt Mix ] - ( Full Bản) Cô Thắm Không Về & (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME ) Thành Lực ( Chính Chủ )

[ Việt Mix ] - Full Bản ( New ) Cô Thắm Không Về & (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME ) Thành Lực ( Chính Chủ )
-Mọi Người Thấy Hay Thì Nhớ Like Share Ung Hộ Mình Nhé ?
-Mọi Chi Tiết Xin liên Hệ ZALO : 0979944970
- Đặt nhạc liên hệ zalo 0979944970
- facebook :https://www.facebook.com/ThanhCongLuc.VN
- Tập Đoàn Thành Lực : SKY TEAM !

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