Friday, January 13, 2017

GPS Project feat. Stella Jones - Dance Baby Dance

GPS Project feat. Stella Jones - Dance Baby Dance
(G=Godai Peter, P=Patrik Edgar, S=Peter Paul Skrepek)

After 30 years some well known faces of the music scene are back but this time they are playing together. Peter Godai (aka. Lempacher- the bassist from "Powerhouse"), Edgar Patrik (the drummer from "Bonfire") and Peter Paul Skrepek (the guitarist from "Falco") featuring the singer Stella Jones are releasing their new single "Dance Baby Dance" and "oh baby you really want to dance". They are also getting great support from the singers Betty Semper and Ina Siber.

The song seems charmingly antiquated these days but is a brilliant and energetic song that brings you back in time - a quality tune that is simultaneously rocking and rolling. These guys have been friends for a long time and are lucky enough to have a vast history of music to draw upon. It is important for them not to let time stand still and to challenge happiness once more.

"Dance Baby Dance" was recorded at RPM Studio Vienna, mixed in Twickenham Sound Studios London by Adrian Bradley and then mastered by Arpad Hadnagy back in Vienna.

The song was composed by Peter Godai, former bassist and guitarrist from "Powerhouse", and is dedicated to Jessie Bradley. 

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