Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Rolling Coyotes

"Steve Warner will charm you with his amazing charisma, touch you with his amazing songs and lift your spirits with his delightful wisdom. The writing and singing (on Train of Life) the latest CD by Steve Warner and The Rolling Coyotes is about as good as it gets for the genre. They let it all hang out, delivering music that is as much fun as it is entertaining. I look forward to hearing more." ...Cyrus Rhodes, Indie Music Review.

Steve Warner and The Rolling Coyotes offer up an Americana palette of songs that conjure up a unique, yet comfortably familiar landscape of people and places. Set to toe-tapping swing, lazy country blues, folky ballads and more, their tracks glide along like a drive in the countryside. They blend a tasteful, and sometimes playful, mixture of guitar, piano, cello, bass, accorddion, ukelele, mandolin and fiddles to compliment textured vocals and harmonies. Warner’s baritone is soothing, yet passionately expressive.

On their most recent CD, Train of Life, the group offers a thematic set of 14 brilliantly-crafted songs that hold together with the eloquent simplicity of a grille-cheese sandwich. And then, wham, here come three more bonus unique and eclectic as any gourmet deli sandwich you've ever had. Savor.

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